Friday, May 22, 2009

10 Dollar Date is born!

My name is Shanna and I'm also known as Ms. Shanna, over where I write about the Eventures of my journey into the events industry and all my hopes and dreams about becoming part of the world of weddings.

Also 23 years old, my sister-in-arms for 10 Dollar Date and I have been friends since the 2nd grade, if you can believe that! Part of the inspiration for this blog is that Tammi is a fantastic writer and I have been wanting to co-author a blog with her for some time now. With the combination of the economic downturn and my graduation from college (and my consequent "promotion" to unemployment), I have been paying more attention to the way I live my life and particularly the way I spend money. So, the wheels started turning...

I came to San Diego to attend college and met my love, Clement, through mutual friends in my major - Psychology. (He actually doubled in psych and management science but I didn't have that kind of dedication. =P) After graduation, we moved in together and stuck around San Diego hoping that the poor economy -- pun intended -- was just a temporary slump. Since it's where we met and fell in love as starving college students, what better place to continue building our relationship?

So, 10 Dollar Date was born -- based entirely around the concept that love is not represented by how much you spend on each other but how you spend your time together. Like Tammi said, $10 is just a target, more like guidelines. Obviously, it's pretty silly to include things like 1/25 of a tank of gas, so we at 10 Dollar Date are not responsible if your date turns out costing $11.

Keep checking back for great ideas about romance on a shoestring and making dates without breaking the bank!

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  1. Love the concept, I look forward to checking back for your creative ideas :)