Sunday, May 31, 2009

Banana Split Sundays

If you and your sweetie are the sweet tooth type, try putting together a make-your-own-sundae bar! Go to the store together and pick out two or three of your favorite flavors, along with the corresponding favorite toppings, and a bunch of bananas. Give each other instructions on how to make the perfect sundae for you and learn more about each other's tastes!

Particularly with summer just around the corner, consider making this a regular activity. You can even spring for the bigger tubs of ice cream and therefore cut down the cost of each sundae.

And if you really want to make this a true DIY, try out this recipe for 5 minute homemade ice cream using frozen fruit!

Tips and advice:
  • Look for ice cream and toppings that are on sale or go for a generic or store brand. You get more bang for your buck in bulk and the brand difference is barely noticeable in most cases.
  • Don't buy any toppings or extra things that you know you won't use up. They are just going to sit around and clutter your kitchen. If you just want a dollop of something, consider skipping it altogether.
  • Buy very fresh bananas, since they will last longer and you can use the rest later for more sundaes, other recipes, or just eating them. Personally, I love using them in smoothies and this amazing banana bread recipe. You will know they are fresh when they are a bright shade of yellow with no brown-ish spots. If they have a little green, they are slightly under-ripe.
  • Add other fruits to the mix! Strawberries are in season now, which also go great with sundaes and smoothies.
  • Pick up a 2-liter of root beer for root beer floats with the leftover ice cream!
Enjoy this sweet and cold treat!