Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer Checklist

Hello readers!

Don't mind the shift; I've just decided to make this profile my primary one.

Recently, I've been inspired to make a summer checklist of the things I wanted to do while the weather was still warm.

Why not sit down with your sweetie and crank out a colorful checklist of your own?

Here is mine, for inspiration:

Sorry for the poor quality; it turns out my markers need replacing! Plus, I only had this large piece of white cardboard to work with. Next time I will definitely use not-white. Maybe green like the original!

My list only has 16, not like the original 20, because it's already almost August anyway and did I mention my markers died? So sad. But I have space at the bottom (and sharpies, which I'm going to use the next time I make this!) in case I think of anything else.


  1. what a cute list!

    feel free to use my bottlecap tutorial. thanks for asking permission! :)